The Dogs
"The other half of our 4-legged family!
We have been so lucky to have been able to enjoy the love of our dogs.  Here you will find the 'characters' that currently reside in our home as members of our family.  You will also see a few tributes to some great dogs that have been members of our family.
She is the old girl of the family.  We're not sure what her breed(s) is/are.  She hogs the bed and is in charge of the couch!  Abby will be 14 in Feb. 2010. She is very tolerant of the kittens who like to hang from her legs and tail just for fun.  We recently found out that Abby has a tumor on her heart and won't be with us too much longer.  We treasure every day she is still with us.  Abby is going to leave a big hole in both our hearts'.  Abby has gone to doggie heaven to be with Brittany and Kelsey.  We sure miss our girl.
AKA: Ricky Vaughn or The Wild Thing.  Ricky is our worker.  He loves to ride on the 4-wheeler, tractor, skidsteer, excavator - pretty much anything with a motor!  He is also the mascot at our summer flea markets.  He loves the attention he gets from everyone.  He is from our first Corgi litter in 2005.
Shelby is our 'chicken dog'.  She is very shy and timid.  However she is the biggest talker and frequently has 'stories' to tell.  She is from our second Corgi litter in 2007.  She also likes to play Queen of the Couch.  You can see that Shelby is unique - one ear up, one ear down.  This is a breed fault so she was spayed and never bred. Her ears don't affect her personality - she is a wonderful dog.
Katie was our first Corgi.  She got us hooked on the breed.  We lost Katie way too soon at only 6 years old.  She is the momma to 9 wonderful dogs, including Ricky and Shelby.  Katie Roo loved to chase cats, cuddle on the couch and go for rides.  She will be greatly missed.
In Memory
Brittany was Chris' last German Shepherd.  She was trained in Narcotics Detection, but never had the chance to work on the street.  As with all our dogs, Brittany was an important member of our family.  She was on the go 100% of the time, which caused her many stitches and scrapes.  Even though she never had any puppies of her own, she did her best to raise a few kittens and both of Katie's litters of puppies.  She loved to lend a hand cleaning the babies and cuddling with them.
Kelsey was Chris' partner in the Sheriff's office for 8 years, badge # K-19.  She was  fully trained in narcotics detection  and personal protection.  She sent many a criminal behind bars and took nearly 1/2 million dollars worth of drugs off our streets.  She also helped Chris teach D.A.R.E. in the schools for many years.  She loved nothing more than to have all the kids pet and love on her. Kelsey was the runt of her litter and was set to be destroyed when Chris fell for her and brought her home. There will never be another Kelsey.
Abby puppy-sitting!
A very young Katie
After a run through the spinkler, taking care of puppy Katie
Brittany with Abby, Shelby and Katie.  Brittany lost a hind leg and since she couldn't get around very well, she still enjoyed feeding the horses in her wagon.
Photo coming soon.
Little Miss Chloe
Chloe is exceeding our expectations as a momma dog.  She had her first litter of 5 in December 2012.  She is an excellent mother.  We will breed her again in the spring of 2014.
Bodee Montana

Bodee is from Great Basin Corgis in Ely, Nevada.  Bodee is your typical out-going Corgi.  He loves people.   Bodee loves my nephew and nieces and gets so excited when he hears children's laughter.  Bodee's preliminary OFA hip tests came back Excellent.
Bodee is available as a stud dog via AI only.
Chloe & Bodee August 2010.  What a beautiful couple!