Sanders County Fair
Open Ranch Horse Competition

Saturday, September 5, 2009
Sanders County Fairgrounds
Plains, MT
Office open at 8:00 AM
Competition starts at 9:00 AM

Co-Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Breeders Association and Lazy A C Quarter Horses
The “Open Ranch Horse Competition” is open to any horse.  The ranch horse competition is designed to demonstrate the horse’s ability to perform various tasks that may be part of working on a ranch.  It consists of a reining pattern, trail obstacles, and single cattle work (no roping or sorting/cutting).  It is a terrific introduction to the world of Versatility Ranch Horse Competitions for both you and your horse.

Jackpot Prizes: There will be added money for each class.

Two year old class -The class allows a young horse to have an opportunity to come to town, have some exposure to commotion, and practice what a well-started two year old would learn at home. The youngsters are still required to pick up their leads in a simple pattern; side pass; back; drag the log; and pick up a slicker. They are also required to box a cow and then move it down the fence between a barrel and the fence.

Green Ranch Horse Junior Division – This class is designed to allow the young horse to compete in its age range from 2-5 years of age. Two year old horses cannot cross-enter in this class and the two year old class both. The junior horses are required to step up the difficulty of the reining pattern; drag a small log; pack a slicker; side pass; and work a cow by boxing it at the end of the arena; then control it by pushing it between a barrel and the fence.

Green Ranch Horse Senior Division – This class is designed for a horse without a lot of experience, but age range from 6-adult. This intermediary class for the senior horse allows them at varying stages of training to move from junior classes to advanced classes gradually. The senior division can also be a primary tool for changing events for horses that may have competed in other venues previously.

Advanced Ranch Horse Division – This class is for any age horse, yet adding a complicated reining pattern; standard working cow horse cow work where the horse must box, turn the cow on the fence, and circle it; drag the log and face it; and allow a rider to actually place the slicker on as opposed to placing it in front of them. The advanced horse class showcases the abilities of both a well-broke using horse and a show horse. The advanced class is for any age horse with the training to compete at that level. Here’s the class that is always a spectator favorite with all the action!

Novice Rider Division – This class is the welcome mat for all riders looking to either enter the show ring to gain experience or to learn new skills. In an easy-going environment, this is a favorite class for any age rider seeking to further their skills. The rider can use any age horse in a legal bit. The intermediate level pattern and skills allow the horse and rider to work on their teamwork and polish their show presentation.

1.2-yr old Ranch Horse – Basic Pattern (horse may not enter any other additional classes)
2.Novice Rider Ranch Horse – Intermediate Pattern (Novice Rider Only - May use 2-hands, any legal bit.)
3.Green Ranch Horse – (5yrs & Under) – Intermediate Pattern (Novice Horse, any legal bit)
4.Green Ranch Horse – (6yrs & Over) – Intermediate Pattern (Novice Horse, any legal bit)
5.Advanced Ranch Horse – Advanced Pattern (Any Age Horse; 5-yr old/under may ride in a snaffle or hackamore. 6-yr old/over ride in a bit, as per AQHA Bit rules for show.)

We will be taking entries the day of show with a $5.00 late fee per class.  (As per Cattle availability)

Limited stabling available on fairgrounds.  Additional stalls available at Lazy A C Quarter Horses. 826-3732(406) 531-8121

Unlimited camping available on fairgrounds.  Contact Fair Office for more information.  (406) 826-3202

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